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Please remember to keep your pets safe this holiday season with all the decorations and special holiday foods that are not normally available to them.  Plants can cause harm to your pets as well.  Keep in mind that poinsettias and holly are highly toxic to your pets.  Tinsel, garland and small ornaments can cause gastric upsets or blockages. 


Cats love to climb those Christmas trees so make sure they are secured to the wall if your cats "love what you have done with the tree!"  Although tinsel on Christmas trees is very pretty, in households with cats it can cause gastric upset or blockages if swallowed.  So be cautious when using tinsel on the tree. Here's some other tree decorating tips to keep everyone safe. 


  • Secure the christmas tree to both the floor and ceiling, if possible, to prevent it from falling
  • Vacuum up the fallen needles.  The needles if ingested can cause choking and potentialy puncture the intestines
  • Place ornaments with metal hooks on higher limbs
  • Avoid using ornaments that are made out of cookies, candy canes, gingerbread, popcorn or cranberries
  • Be sure pets can't get the water in the tree stand reservoir as it contains harmful fertilizers and bacteria


Dogs sometimes can't resist those shiny glass balls on the Christmas tree and around the house for decorations.  If your dog bites into a glass ball or knocks one off the tree and it breaks, it can cut them badly or cause gastric issues if ingested.  You might want to consider putting the glass balls higher up on the tree if your dog is a curious one or a puppy.


Local Shelters...7 Ways to Spread the Cheer


While you are making a list and checking it twice make sure to add your local shelter to your list of things to do for the holidays.  Here is 7 ways you can help your local shelter.


1.  Walk and/or play with the dogs

2.  Compose descriptions

3.  Take photos that can be posted online

4.  Foster a pet

5.  Donate food and gently used leashes, collars, beds, toys and blankets

6.  Check your shelter's wish list and donate(s) an item from their list

7.  Donations are always welcome but donating your time is priceless

May you and your family have the best the holiday seasons have to offer!

Dr.'s Dan and Donna Greybek

Mrs. Greybek, Janice, Mark, Lois, Pris and Bradley.