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Winter Pet Care Tips

No DescriptionOutdoor/Indoor Housing    
It is best to keep pets indoors during the winter months, but if this is not possible, outdoor pets must be provided with shelter.  Their home should be elevated off the ground to prevent moisture accumulation and have a door of some kind to keep out winter winds, sleet and snow.  Shelters should be insulated or heated.  Water sources may be heated to permit constant access to unfrozen water; thermal units designed specifically for this purpose are readily available.  Outdoor pets require extra calories to keep warm feed your pet according to its needs when the temperature drops.  In severely cold or inclement weather, no pet should be kept outside.  Towel or blow-dry your dog if it gets wet from rain or snow.  It is important to dry and clean their paws too.  This will help avoid tiny cuts and cracks on the pads of the feet.  Petroleum jelly can help soften the pads and prevent further cracking if there are any present.  Indoor pets should have sleeping quarters in a draft-free, warm area with their bed or mattress elevated slightly off the floor.

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Roaming Cats     
Roaming cats, as well as house pets and wildlife, may climb onto vehicle engines for warmth during cold weather.  Be sure to check under the hood before starting your vehicle and honk the horn to startle any animals seeking shelter inside.

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Frostbite, Snow Removal Salt and Antifreeze    
Snow and salt should be removed from your pets paws immediately.  Frostbitten skin is red or gray and may slough.  Apply warm, moist towels to thaw out frostbitten areas slowly until the skin appears flushed.  Contact us as soon as possible for further care.  Snow removal products should be stored out of the reach of pets and small children as their toxicity varies considerably.

No DescriptionNever Leave Your Dog in the Car Alone    
It is important to remember never to leave a dog alone in a car.  If the care engine is left on, the carbon monoxide will endanger your dog's life.  If the car engine is turned off, the temperature in the car will get too cold and have the potential to cause fatality.



If you have any questions about the above information, please feel free to contact our office!