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Dr. Donna Greybek

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If you need Medical advice you can Contact AniMerge @ 908-707-9077, when we are closed.

We are Closed Daily from 3pm-4pm...

The Office will be closed Sat. 10/20 and will Re-Open on Monday 10/29.

If you need medical attention or medical advice during this time.  Please Contact Animerge @ 908-707-9077.  If you need a food or medication refill. Please send an email to  We will get back to youin 24-48 hours.

Thank You.

Please leave no messages !!!

On November 1, 2014, Dr. Donna's father, Dr. (Adolphe/Dan Greybek), passed away peacefully after a three year battle with Pancreatic Cancer. 

       Dr. Donna's Mom:  Mrs. Mimi Greybek suffered a Massive Stroke and passed away Saturday  Dec.16, 2017. As Mrs. G always said, "Life Goes On" and "Life is for the Living"and "That's That!"

Thank you for your patience,  as we strive to attend to all the needs of our clients and at the same time work through our loss.